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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Iron Lady (2 of 2)

Beat "Iron Lady" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Uniform 6-2: Metal Zero One, this Uniform Six Two. En route to your location.

Sandman: Copy that! We're almost at the intersection. One minute out!

AC-130 TV Operator: Enemies cross in the open.

AC-130 FCO: Go ahead and take them out before Delta gets there. Do not fire on the humvees, those are our guys.

AC-130 Pilot: Crew, we have friendly vehicles on the ground. West of the fountain. That's west of the fountain.

AC-130 TV Operator: Lots of guys moving in. We've stirred up a hornet's nest. Heh. I think we got their attention.

Uniform 6-2: The LZ is two clicks north of here. Let's get a move on!

Sandman: Get Volk in the Humvee, let's go!

AC-130 Pilot: Going as fast as we can, crew.

Uniform 6-2: We secure?!

Sandman: Secure! Let's roll!

Uniform 6-2: Warhammer, this is Uniform Six Two! We're moving out!

AC-130 Pilot: Copy that, Six Two.

Truck: Damn that was close!

Sandman: Grinch, get on that .50!

Grinch: On it!

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, you have two enemy vehicles on your six, over.

AC-130 TV Operator: This should be interesting...

Uniform 6-2: Get these guys off our tail!

AC-130 TV Operator: Go ahead and take them out.

Sandman: Going left! Making a hard left!

AC-130 FCO: Enemy armor up the road, there. Clear to engage all those.

Sandman: Going left! They're right on us! Take care of them! Making a hard left!

AC-130 Operator: Wicked.

Sandman: Go right! Go right!

AC-130 Pilot: Enemy birds inbound.

AC-130 TV Operator: Multiple enemy birds are engaging the convoy.

AC-130 Pilot: Wait for a clear shot. Don't want to hit our guys.

Sandman: Floor it! Get these choppers off our ass, Warhammer!

AC-130 TV Operator: Yeah, he's toast.

Sandman: Take out those choppers!

AC-130 FCO: Good shot.

AC-130 TV Operator: Wicked.

Sandman: Stop! Stop! Stop!

AC-130 TV Operator: One of our vehicles is down. Yep, I see them.

AC-130 FCO: One of the humvees has just been hit.

Sandman: Get a javelin from the Humvee and finish off those tanks!

AC-130 Pilot: Stand by, Zero One making adjustments.

Sandman: Use the javelin and take out those tanks! One down! Now get the other one! Take out that other tank!

Truck: Tanks are down!

Sandman: Let's go! Let's go!

AC-130 Pilot: Established overhead. Ready for targets.

Grinch: Moving up! Cover me.

AC-130 Pilot: Roger that. Taking out targets ahead of you. Metal Zero One, mark targets with smoke and we'll give you some breathing room.

Sandman: On me!

AC-130 Pilot: Metal Zero One, engaging the target. Danger close.

Truck: Incoming!

Grinch: Moving up! Cover me.

Truck: Got you covered!

Sandman: Overlord, this Metal Zero One! Black LZ at grid, two seven seven five. Hold this position! We got three minutes until CAS gets here!

AC-130 Pilot: Established overhead. Ready for targets.

Sandman: Red smoke on the LZ! Need you to service targets north of that location!

AC-130 Pilot: Roger that. Taking out targets ahead of you.

Sandman: Mark the target with smoke, Frost!

Grinch: Moving up! Cover me.

Truck: Got you covered!

Sandman: Warhammer, we have enemy air support coming in! Need you to take care of them.

AC-130 Pilot: Established overhead. Read for targets. Zero One, we're bingo on fuel. CAS support will be here in thirty seconds. Just hold on.

Sandman: Roger! Thirty seconds, gentlemen!

Grinch: I don't think we'll last that long!

Truck: They got a ton of armor rolling in from the tower!

Grinch: Last mag!

Odin 6-1: Zero One, Odin Six. Can't tell who's who down there. Need you to mark the targets.

Sandman: Negative! Nothing left to use! We're dead center on the bridge! Hit anything north of us with everything you've got!

Odin 6-1: Overlord, bomb run is going to level everything in that area. Requesting clearance.

Overlord: Odin, you do whatever you have to, to get those men back home.

Odin 6-1: Metal Zero One, this is Odin Six, bombs away.

Grinch: The tower's not going to take much more that!

Odin 6-2: Odin Six Two, bombs away, bombs away.

Vandal 3-1: Metal Zero One, this is Vandal Three. Heard you boys wanted a lift back to base.

Sandman: Sounds good, Vandal, anywhere but here.

Truck: What about Volk?

Grinch: I'll take him. Make sure he gets on the next bird.

Sandman: All right, do it! And Grinch, we need him alive.

Grinch: Have a nice ride, gentlemen.

Sandman: Let's go! We're getting the hell out of here. Frost, get on board!

[Inaudible 00:07:00]

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