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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Eye of the Storm (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Iron Lady" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Price: Did our man talk?

Sandman: They always talk. We got names, dates, locations. Volk gave us everything, even Fregata. It seems your hunch was right, Captain.

Price: Makarov's already making friends.

Sandman: He's meeting with his top advisers six hours from now. Location is the Hotel Lustig. It's in the center of the city, near the old square. We have Tier One groups assigned to handle this, but I don't think they'll make it in time. But you're close.

Price: Very, I'll contact you when it's done.

Yuri: Makarov's council all together in the middle of a war zone? Sounds convenient.

Price: Overconfidence makes you careless. We'll infiltrate along two separate routes. Soap, you and Yuri head for the church and provide over watch.

Soap: The city's locked down tight. We'll need a back door.

Price: Leave that to me.

Welcome to Prague, gents.

Soap: The resistance is expecting us [inaudible 00:01:03].

Price: Let's get this over with.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:01:21]

Price: Hold up.

Soap: They've already taking prisoners. They're moving fast.

Price: We need to be faster. Keep it tight lads. Use the boats for cover. Move under the docks. The storm will keep us quiet.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:01:55]

Price: Easy, let them pass. Okay, go. This way.

Kamarov: What took you so long?

Soap: Your intel was off, Kamarov. You said this area would be clear.

Kamarov: I'm sure it was nothing you couldn't handle. Do you know what had to be done to get you this far?

Price: Enough chit-chat. Soap, Yuri, best get on your way. We'll meet you at the rally point.

Soap: Let's go, Yuri.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:07]

Soap: Hold up. Got contacts. Twenty meters ahead. Stay low, we don't want to attract any attention. Five guys on foot. Snipers on the roof. Sit tight, we'll see what they do. They're splitting up. Must be our lucky day. Okay, take the snipers first. They'll alert the others if you don't.

Soap: Good. Now take the other. The dog and his friend are mine. No time to hide the bodies. Let's go. Hold your fire.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:04:06]

Soap: They're locking down the city. We need to get ahead of this. Follow me. Patrol up ahead. You get one, I'll take the other. On you. He's down. Another sniper. Don't draw his attention. Chopper! Quick, through here! Wait here. Price, you copy?

Price: Go ahead.

Soap: Lots of movement on the street. Keep your eyes high, snipers are everywhere.

Price: We'll keep an eye out.

Soap: Let's go. You hear that? Enemy convoy! Move, now! Stay low. There's too many of them. Get down.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:29]

Soap: They're inside the building. Don't move.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:52]

Soap: Okay, we're going to have to do this sharpish. Get ready. Go!

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