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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Eye of the Storm (2 of 2)

Beat "Iron Lady" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Soap: Stay close. Good night. Hold up. Twenty plus on foot, and they're bringing in armor.

Price: Soap, what's your status?

Soap: In position, but there's a bloody army in front of us.

Price: We're coming in from the west. Watch your fire.

Soap: Roger. Scout on the rooftop. Take care of him. Wait! Nice timing, old man. Well one's down, mate, but we've got four men, and they've got dozens.

Price: Don't worry, I've brought some friends. Move with the rebels and get to the church. We'll cover you as best we can!

Soap: Copy that! Yuri, let's go! Moving up to the statue, cover me! Move up. Helos inbound! Move up. Truck coming in!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:01:37]

Price: Get to cover, they're bringing in armor!

Soap: Yuri, I'll try and draw their fire! Take them out! Now take out that armor! All right, it's down! Good work! More tangos inbound! Fall back to the building, go! Go left! Go left! This way!

Price: Soap, I've lost sight of you! Soap, come in!

Soap: Can't talk right now, Price! We're busy! All right, we're going to cut through the buildings and find our way to the church.

Price: Copy. We're on our way to the hotel. Good luck.

Soap: Through here, let's go! Hold your fire. Take point, Yuri.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:02:50]

Soap: The building's not going to take much more of this. Okay, let's go!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:08]

Soap: Two gunners! Across the street! Second floor! They're down!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:25]

Soap: Tank! Get to cover! Yuri, I'm over by the statue! We got to get out of this courtyard. This way, move! Hang on, we got more armor on the road. On me. Come on. More targets. Stay quiet. They don't know we're here. Nice and easy. No getting past these guys quietly. Wait for my go. All right, smoke them. Reinforcements! Take cover!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:27]

Soap: No time to clean up the mess. Let's move. We'll improvise if we have to. Get down now! Stay down. Let's go! Let's go! Price, we're in position.

Price: Copy. Get comfortable. We've got a few hours until the meeting.

Soap: You got it, mate. Come on, Yuri. Let's get set up.

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