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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Blood Brothers (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Blood Brothers" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Soap: Which vehicle will he be in?

Yuri: They constantly rotate for security. We won't know until he steps out.

Soap: You seem to know a lot about Makarov.

Price: Alpha One, radio check, over.

Soap: Bravo One, copy. We're dug in with line in sight.

Price: Right, Kamarov's our eyes and ears inside the hotel. Once he gives us the nod, we'll kick this off. What do you see?

Soap: Bugger-all, mate. Looks like Makarov's late for his own funeral.

Price: Sit tight until we get a clean shot. Then you can put as many rounds on him as you like.

Soap: It'll only take one.

It's almost time, Yuri. The meeting will be on the second floor.

Price: Heads up, Makarov's convoy is arriving now.

Soap: I see it, four armored vehicles. No visual on Makarov yet. They're starting in front of the hotel.

Price: Do you see him?

Soap: Aye, there's the bastard, third vehicle. Shite, I think he's looking right at us.

Price: Easy, just sit tight.

Soap: They're pulling into the garage now.

Price: All right, Kamarov. You're up. Kamarov, do you read me?

Soap: Probably forgot to switch it on.

Price: Doesn't matter. Makarov's here. We move forward with the plan. I'm in position. Ready?

Soap: Yuri, find Price in your scope. He's on the top of the hotel. We got you. We got some activity on the balcony. We'll take them out together, Yuri. On you.

Price: Breaching.

Soap: Got 'em. Target down. What the hell? Price, who is that?

Price: Kamarov.

Kamarov: I'm sorry, Price.

Makarov: Captain Price. Hell awaits you.

Soap: Price! Get out of there!

Makarov: Yuri, my friend. You never should have come here.

Soap: What the hell is he talking about? Get out! Now!

Price: Soap! Look at me! You're all right! Yuri! Grab him! We have to move now!

Soap: Yuri . . . Makarov . . . he said . . .

Price: Don't stop! Keep moving! Pick him up! We can't stay here. Come on, this way. We have to get off the street! Enemy bird! Get off the road! This way!

Set him down!

Soap: Just patch me up. Get me back in this.

Price: It's not safe here. We have to move. Come on.

Soap: We need . . . Nikolai . . . get us out . . .

Price: That chopper's circling back around! We have to move! Come on, Soap, you can make it. Yuri, clear the store! We need to get the hell out of here! Nice shot, son.

Soap: I can still teach you a thing or two, old man.

Price: We're moving up to the statue! Keep them off of us!

Soap: On the roof! Right side!

Price: We can't stay here. Come on, this way. Yuri! Get over here! Through here! Let's go! Yuri! Get over here! Keep moving!

Soap: There's more on the street!

[foreign dialogue 00:07:03]

Price: Yuri, take care of them! Go left! Cut through the building!

Soap: They'll just keep coming.

Price: Don't stop! Keep moving!

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