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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Down the Rabbit Hole (2 of 2)

Beat "Down the Rabbit Hole" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed first person shooter from Infinity Ward.


Sandman: Overlord, we're in! Approaching the target now.

Price: Yuri, take care of the door!

Truck: Wait! It's the daughter.

Overlord: Metal Zero, what is your status? Have you secured the President?

Sandman: Negative, Overlord, but we have the girl.

Overlord: We'll prep a team for extraction. Continue searching for the President.

Truck: She's trying to say something. She said they took her father deeper into the mine.

Sandman: Then that's where we're going. Come on.

Soldier 1: Overlord, we are at coordinates seven zero one five. Need Med-Evac for a critical casualty.

Price: Tangos moving on the catwalk. On the catwalk!

Grinch: There he is! I see him!

Price: Then we're not too late! Keep pushing!

Soldier 2: RPG!

Sandman: Hook up!

Grinch: There they are!

Truck: He's right there! Right there! They're closing the blast doors!

Sandman: Come on, this way!

Truck: We've got to get through that door!

Price: It's reinforced steel. We can't get through this!

Grinch: Any bright ideas?

Price: I've got one. Up top. Follow me. Get charges here, here, and here!

Sandman: Overlord, Jackpot. The President is secure.

Overlord: Solid copy. Gather your team and proceed to the RV.

Russian President: My daughter . . .

Price: She's all right. She's alive.

Truck: What the Hell!?

Price: Move! Move!

Sandman: Overlord, the place is going to collapse any minute. The birds need to come to us!

Overlord: Copy that. Hammer One is now en route. ETA 30 seconds. Stand by.

Sandman: Hold this position! Evac will be here in 30 seconds!

Truck: More bad guys inbound!

Grich: Watch the left flank!

Sandman: Hammer One, you going to bail us out of this or what?

Hammer 1-6: Almost there. Just hold on.

Grinch: Looks like our ride's here!

Hammer 1-6: Metal Zero One this is Vulture Six, let's get the Hell out of here.

Sandman: Sounds good, Six One! All right, let's move! Go!

Hammer 1-6: RPG! Move! Move!

Vulture 6-1: I'm hit! I'm hit! Going down!

Price: Yuri! Yuri!

Hammer 1-6: Get the President on board. We got to get the Hell out of here!

Grinch: President's secure!

Truck: Hang on! I got ya!

Sandman: Price! You got to go! Make sure the President gets out!

Price: Don't even think about it, mate! We're in this together!

Grinch: RPG!

Sandman: Truck! Cover the right side!

Price: You better be right behind me! Sandman, it's time to go! Come on!

Sandman: Just go! Get out of here!

Truck: RPG!

Hammer 1-6: Hang on!

Sandman: Just go! Go!

Hammer 1-6: We can't stay here! We got to leave!

Price: No! Get us back down there!

Hammer 1-6: It's too hot! we go back, we all die!

Price: Sandman, do you read me? Sandman, come in! Sandman, do you copy? Sandman, are you still there?

U.S. News Reporter: Thousands of people gathered today to greet President Vorchesky on his return to Moscow. Reports have confirmed that peace talks between Russia and the U.S. are about to begin. In other news the Ultranationalist leader Vladamir Makarov is still at large.

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