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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Down the Rabbit Hole (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Down the Rabbit Hole" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS.


Sandman: Price, we lost the girl. Looks like the helo took her to a diamond mine in Siberia.

Price: We're going to have one shot to grab the President before he gives up the launch codes and Markarov turns Europe into glass. Once we get boots on the ground it's going to get lively down there.

Sandman: Hopefully you can keep up old man.

Price: I know you Yanks like to take all the credit, so Yuri and I will keep the neighbors in check while we roll hard to secure the hostages.

Sandman: Okay, weapons tight, guys. No one likes a dead hostage.

Truck: What's the score, boss?

Sandman: Everyone's hostile.

Grinch: Ain't that the truth.

Sandman: Ready?

Grinch: This thing go any faster?

Sandman: Easy, Grinch. Top off your rifles. Get ready.

Price: Now!

Grinch: Contact, 12:00!

McCoy: Look out!

Truck: RPG!!

Grinch: Shit!

Truck: Hold on!

Sandman: Status?!

Grinch: I'm good. We're clear!

Sandman: Heads up! Suppressing fire!

[Inaudible 00:02:00]

Sandman: Grinch, Truck, sweep left!

Price: The rest of you, on me!

Truck: Targets, 12:00 high!

Grinch: I see them!

[Inaudible 00:02:38]

Price: Sort them out!

[Inaudible 00:03:25]

Truck: All clear.

Sandman: Truck, you're up.

Truck: On it.

Price: Keep moving! Go!

Grinch: We're going to need another way out of here!

Sandman: Stairwell, left side! Let's go!

[Foreign dialogue 00:04:40]

Sandman: Overlord, this Sandman. We're at the bottom of the mine. We're gonna need air support.

Overlord: Affirmative, Sandman. We'll chop a predator to you.

Sandman: Ready?

Price: Try and keep up.

[Inaudible 00:05:38]

Sandman: Hop the rail! Move it!

Overlord: UAV is on station with a full load of AGMs. Ready for targets.

[Inaudible 00:06:23]

Sandman: Cut through the construction yard! There's more cover! Viper Six, we're moving in to the construction yard! Watch your fire!

Viper 6-1: Copy that, zero one. We're moving to the next area.

[Inaudible 00:07:14]

Sandman: Overlord, a SAM just took out our UAV! We need another way into the mine!

Price: We're not getting in there without some heavy firepower!

Overlord: Solid copy, Sandman. Odin Six, payload target coordinated are as a follows, seven nine four four.

Sandman: Everyone sit tight!

Price: Now that's more like it!

Sandman: Inside! Now!

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