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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Scorched Earth (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Scorched Earth" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Overlord: Makarov's tracked Vorshevsky's daughter to Berlin. If they find the girl, it's only a matter of time until he gives up the nuclear codes. Do we have her exact location?

Battle Captain: Triangulating now.

Overlord: I.S.A. cell phone snipers just intercepted a call from her.

Battle Captain: Patching you through in 3, 2, 1.

Sandman: Alena Vorshevsky?

Alena: (intelligible)

Sandman: American Special Forces. Do you speak English?

Alena: Yes. My security's dead. They're coming for me.

Sandman: Stay calm. We're en route to you now. Where are you exactly?

Alena: Closet. Fifth floor suite.

Sandman: Which side?

Alena: I don't know. There is a building across the road. Sign on the roof says "Reisdorf." Please hurry.

Sandman: Okay. Put the phone down and don't move. We'll come to you.

Sandman: Athena is still with us. Weapons tight and don't throw any shots.

Sandman: It's an ambush! We've got to get the hell out of the kill zone! Move! Move! Head for the building!

Overlord: Metal 0-1, we've lost contact with the German division commander. What's the status on the ground?

Sandman: The tank column is down and we're getting overrun. This A.O. is lost!

Pilot: 30 seconds!

Grinch: Berlin's getting ripped apart down there!

Sandman: Granite team is going after the daughter. We're going to watch their backs.

Grinch: RPG! Look out!

Sandman: Bird is down! Bird is down! Go! Go!

Grinch: Contact! Second floor!

Sandman: Head up! We need to get to the roof. Come on! Keep moving!

Sandman: We need to get to the roof! Come on! Let's go! Move! Keep moving!

Truck: Clear!

Sandman: Go! Go! Move!

Grinch: Moving!

Sandman: Keep moving!

Truck: Clear!

Grinch: Roger!

Sandman: Up the stairs! Secure this area fast!

Sandman: Granite 0-1, we're in position.

Pilot: Solid copy, 0-1. Will relay.

Grinch: Hostiles on the roof!

Sandman: Good hit!

Sandman: Take care of them!

Pilot: Granite 0-1, overwatch established.

Granite Leader: Copy that. We're inbound.

Overlord: Granite Team is on the deck now.

Granite Leader: We're taking fire!

Truck: Granite's got company! Doorway on the left.

Sandman: Four more! Keep them covered.

Truck: Still got guys on the roof--building across the street!

Sandman: Good effects on target. You're clear, Granite. Keep moving.

Truck: T90's on the road!

Sandman: Overlord, we have Russian tanks firing on Granite's position. Requesting fire mission.

Overlord: Solid copy, 0-1, the air corridor is clear for our A-10's to commence gun runs.

Valkyrie: Metal 0-1, this is Valkyrie 2-6. In the airspace and at your service. Standing by for you to mark the first target.

Sandman: Hit the tank on the street!

Valkyrie: Tally target.

Sandman: Direct hit! Two more tanks approaching. Take em out!

Valkyrie: Metal 0-1, I am in position.

Sandman: Frost, what are you waiting for?

Truck: Thanks for the guns, Valkyrie. We'll take it from here.

Sandman: Armor's down, Granite. You're good to go.

Granite Leader: Copy. Thanks for the assist--we owe you one.

Sandman: Maintain eyes on the building.

Granite Leader: Breaching now.

Sandman: Granite, have you got eyes on Athena?

Granite Leader: Affirmative! Shit! Left side! Got two more--get out! Get out!

Sandman: Granite? Granite!

Truck: They're gone.

Grinch: What the hell?

Sandman: Overlord. Granite Team is down. I repeat, eagles down. We're going after Athena.

Overlord: Affirmative, Sandman. Link up with the German tank column south of your position and proceed to the target building. Over.

Sandman: Solid copy. Sandman out. Hook up. We need to hit this street.

Truck: Got some casualties here.

Sandman: Grab their patches and tags and get S.A.R. birds in here and get them out.

Truck: Roger. It's Onyx team.

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