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Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough - Stronghold (1 of 2)

Check out Part 2 and beat "Stronghold" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with this online demo of the action packed FPS from Infinity Ward.


Price: There's a clocktower in Hereford where the names of the dead are inscribed. We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory. Those memories are all that's left, when the bastards have taken everything else.

Baseplate: What happened?

Price: He killed Soap. He's gone, Mac.

Baseplate: What do you need from me, son?

Price: A location. Our Russian says Makarov used to cache weapons at an old castle near Prague. He's got nothing more solid than that.

Baseplate: Can you trust him?

Price: What choice do I have? He's got his own reasons for wanting Makarov dead. Place ring any bells?

Baseplate: Aye, we ran drones over a suspect castle back in Zakhaev's day but we never got wind of our targets visiting the area.

Price: What am I up against?

Baseplate: The place is a fortress. Only one way in or out, unless you've learnt to fly. Security office on the far side of the compound, and a command center north of that. Both were heavily guarded. If Makarov's there, he'll be in that control room. What's this you're sending me?

Price: Equipment list.

Baseplate: That's a lot of hardware, John. What'd you plan on doing?

Price: What you taught me to do. Kill them all.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:01:39]

Price: keep up or I leave you behind. Get down. Get caught in those lights, and we're done before we've started. Move.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:02:14]

Price: Wait.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:02:18]

Price: This way, now. When we're down there, you move when I move. Do as I do, understand? Let's go. Hold. Only shoot at what you can kill. Go. Under the trucks. Wait! We'll plant C4 to cover our escape. We'll burn this place down if we have to.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:42]

Price: Take him out, but don't get caught in that spotlight.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:48]

Price: Wait for it. Now! Over here.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:04:18]

Price: Stop, don't move. All right, come on. Plant C4 on the platform. Easy. Clear, go. We're good. Keep moving. There's the security office.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:05:27]

Price: I'll handle this. Clear. They've got cameras outside the command center. Both sides, here, and here. We'll just have to knock on the door. Cheers. Quiet.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:06:13]

Price: Night-vision on. I'll take care of the lights. Ready? Weapons free! Sweep through this area fast. They won't know how few we are in the dark.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:06:29]

Price: They're using flares! Take your night-vision off. We'll do this the old way.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:06:58]

Price: They're bringing in reinforcements!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:07:55]

Price: Get out of here. Go!

[Foreign Dialogue 00:09:00]

Price: We have about ten minutes until they find their dead.

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