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How to Paint a Landscape Using Acrylic Paint

Learn how to paint a landscape using acrylic paint from painter Linda Rhea in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Linda. I created a company called Paint Along. Check us out at We have really fun painting workshops in Nashville and New York. The first thing we want to do is establish our horizon line. I am gonna start with my purple paint and i'm using a 1 inch flat brush and i'm just gonna put a soft wavy line going across the canvas and next i'm gonna put the sky in, using some blue and some white. This is phthalo blue and i'm gonna put the darkest blue at the top of the canvas that's closest to us , were gonna fade down to white as it gets towards the horizon line, that makes the sky look like its receding and going backwards. So this is the blue , the phthalo blue i'm gonna empty my brush out onto the canvas and this will serve as a mixing surface , i'm gonna pickup some white with my brush without washing it cause i want the blue to blend into the white and i'm gonna take the white right up into this blue and it gives me a beautiful sky color. Working the two colors back and forth together with a soft running motion. So i get towards the top of the mountains, i'm just gonna try to match the top line of the mountains with my brush stroke one up and down to give it an uneven horizon line. Now were gonna do the ground portion of the landscape and its kind of the opposite approach where you can have the lightest colors towards the horizon line and then your gonna have more color saturation, as you get towards the bottom of the canvas which is actually visually closer to us. I'm gonna start with a yellow ochre color and i'm gonna come right bellow our little mountain line, i'm gonna add a little bit of white in the background so that its a little bit faded out and I think i'l put a little bit of green in there too and this green is gonna be in the very foreground. I'm still blending the colors together you'll have sort of a brownish tone in there which is good for landscape , the next thing i'd like to do is demonstrate a tree and were going to start with the 1 half inch flat brush , i'm gonna use the brown paint , i'm gonna start with the brush very flat and just pull up and as i get up, i'm gonna kind of twist it just a little bit so the tree trunk can get narrower, narrow as we go up , next i'm gonna add some roots and some branches, the next thing i'd like to demonstrate is the leaves of the tree , starting with some green paint in just a tapping motion and i'm also gonna add some lighter green paint on top to give it a little bit more dimension and those are some basic landscape tips.

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