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Good Songs for Beginner Bass Guitar Players

Learn some good songs for beginners on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


The Most important thing when you are starting to learn songs and trying to find songs to learn is that you really like the song can stress that enough so the music that you really want to be playing is always going to be the first to go if you want great baselines that come from music that we know really well classic rock is a great song you can find awesome baselines very simple stuff that can be right under the fingers be very natural and right away when you are playing a song you know they recognize you might really like it so that's a great to start they make books that offer lot of those songs and any recording will give everything you need another for simple baselines are great can be songs you can turn on all these stations put on more time required and you can find tons of great baselines so this is a great place to start the most important thing is that if you are excited about something you always be able to get deeper into it and get more from it they all have amazing baselines and lot of and lot of it really simple just picking up a book if solos of baselines from a favorite bank can go along well i started with book from it just had all baselines that played and all those classical recording that i love listen to when i grew up and that can be going

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