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Fretting Exercises for the Bass Guitar

Learn basic fretting exercises for the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


To go on a bass fretting exercises,what we want to do is practice getting our finger right next to the fret that we want and we're also going to work on spacing our fingers out to learn to stretch them and to maintain our dexterity as we go down the neck. So we're going to start at the double dot, this is the 12th fret on the instrument. So we'll start there by placing our pinky and then our ring finger on the 11th, middle finger on the 10th and your index finger on the 9th. on the higher string which is the one closest to the ground or furthest away from you. This string is actually called string number 1. So on string number 1 we're going to play a few different fingerings to just practice dexterity and practice keeping our fingers right next to the frets. So the first we're going to play is 1, 4, 3, 4, so your index finger is 1, your pinky is 4, your ring finger is 3 and your pinky is 4 again. So together, it sounds like we play the same thing but we just switch out our ring finger for the middle finger, so now we;re going to play 1,4,2, 4. Now we take away the pinky, we still start with 1 but we play I,3,2,3. Once we do this, we'll shift out the pinky to the same place the ring finger just was and move everything else down on one fret. So now the pinky is on the 11th fret, and we started on the 12th and we repeat the exercise. And all together we play it like this...and so on and so forth and as we move down the neck our fingers stretch farther apart slowly ans if you can't do it all at once it's alright. But just work until your fingers are tired to a healthier degree and take a rest and then come back to it and pretty soon you can have more dexterity and more strength and all the while you're working on these fretting techniques to make sure your fingers are right next to the frets on the strings.

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