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Basic Note Patterns on the Bass Guitar

Learn basic note patterns from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Even before you learn any names of notes, or any of the technical stuff. To be able to put your hand down, on the finger board, in any place, let's pick the fifth fret. Second thought, on the lowest string, and there we are gonna use what I call the bass box, which is, if you put your hand comfortably down, especially if we think about our ring finger and pinky finger acting together, we will have the note that we pick, this fifth fret on the lowest string. And if we go to the next string, the string right next to it, on the seventh fret, we get this other note. Now with those two, we have, we already have great notes for the bass. But if we keep that same string down, with our first finger, it's the same fret where ours..where our finger was placed on initially. So, our first finger hasn't moved frets at all, it's just moved to which string it's depressing. We get this note as well. We still have our original note..ahh, with the pinky. We have the second now with the pinky, on on the original string we chose, the lowest string. These four notes make up what I'd call the bass box. From here, we can just experiment. Be creative, play around with those notes and you'll start to hear a lot of songs already that may be sound familiar. Those are basic note patters for the bass guitar.

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