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How to Do Right Hand Bass Guitar Warm-Ups

Learn how to do right hand warm-ups to play the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Warm ups you can do with your right hand, are a great way to just playing an instrument when you pick it up. You don't have to play any notes with the left hand, you can leave the left hand alone. It can rest. Or you can just mute the strings as you're going down and you'll see me doing a little of that. But we want to focus on the right hand. In the right hand we can do two techniques that are important. One is having your index and middle finger together. And those can rake along the strings like this. We can also alternate between the two of them. So you can alternate between your index finger and your middle finger in different combinations. Also you don't have to be trapped into any particular order or feel stuck with a warm up. Something as simple as just playing open strings. Just alternating different strings or coming up with different combinations of open strings just to get your brain working and to get your fingers working, thinking about which string you're plucking.

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