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How to Buy a Bass Guitar

Learn how to buy a bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


When it comes to buying an electric bass guitar, the most important thing for you is comfort. You have to feel comfortable holding an instrument exactly how you are gonna hold that when you are performing. You have to feel comfortable with the weight of the instrument, you have to feel comfortable with the way it feels in your hand, is it the right size for you? So these are all questions you really need to think about when you are trying a lot of instruments. And, I do recommend that, Try a lot of different things. When it comes to actually buying one, its really important to find one that sound works for you as well. Find bass players on records that you really like and try to find a bass that imitates that sound. That's always gonna be a way that you can count on that instrument working for you, the way you are actually gonna use it. Even great brands over a variety of series of different qualities of instruments. So, a lot of the brands that you can trust that are in all the major guitar stores, uh, well have the cheaper instruments for beginners. Sometimes, this is a really good way to get started on an instrument. Just because an instrument is low price, it doesn't mean it's bad quality instrument. The basses that I play, I never ended up spending a lot of money on and there were times when I was really young and just getting started that I thought, oh! I want that bass because it's four hundred dollars more than the bass that I, that I really like, so it's must be better. But, in the end it never really worked out for me. I think when I was really honest with myself, the bass that really worked for me, really worked and it didn't matter what the price and I should think of it as a blessing that I saved the money.

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