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How to Play F Sharp / G Flat on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play the F sharp / G flat note on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here's how you play the note F-sharp on the bass guitar. F-sharp is gonna be located between F and G. We know that all the notes that are between two notes that just have letter names, like F and G, are always gonna have two names to them. So, F-sharp is one note above F, and it's also called G-flat. So, we find that by going one note below G. So, we know that our E string, we don't skip a note between E and F, so the first note is gonna be F. The 2nd fret is gonna be F-sharp, and is also G-flat. So, we can find that all over the bass guitar in a variety of other ways. From our D string, the 2nd string, which is the 3rd away from us. Our open D, skipping a note will get us to E, skipping another fret will get us to F-sharp. In that case, the note we skipped was F. Or, our G string is the same as 5th fret on the D, and if you go one note lower, you're gonna get G-flat or F-sharp again. We can find that same note on the 9th fret of the A string. We can also find it at the 14th fret, which is 2 past the 12th fret, the double dot, on the E string. And that will be one octave than the 2nd fret on the same string. And that's how you play F-sharp on the bass guitar.

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