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How to Do Roots & Fifths Exercises on Bass Guitar

Learn some roots and fifths exercises on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here are some exercises to practice the Roots and Fifths in the bass guitar. Now that we figured out the shape of our roots and fifths, we can move that around in a few different ways. We can start by just going up chromatically, which means we're going to play all the notes. so E and then go up by half step. Switch on to open strings, and we can also go back down. We can also do this with the circle of fifths, in this case it means that we start on our E again, and then we're going to go down on a whole step from where the fifth is. So E to B, we're going to a whole step to A, and repeat the shape. You can also do all these exercises going down instead of up for the notes. And extra from there on. And these are some exercises to practice Roots-and-Fifths on the bass guitar.

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