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Hop vs. Jump in Line Dancing

Learn how to hop vs. jump in line dancing in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Royston.


"Hi, My name is Robert Royston. I'm a 5-time world champion of country dance, working with artists like Taylor Swift, Kerry Underwood, Brad Paisley.

I really hope that you learn how to line-dance and experience what it's like to move to America's music, and that's country music.

So, some of the other line dance moves that you should understand are things like jump and hop, and of course *unintelligible* talked a little about Chuck, but we'll revisit that in this little section.

So the first thing is the jump. JUMP.

A jump really just implies leaving one leg and going to the other leg, with a jumping or hopping action, right?

So if I'm gonna jump...JUMP.

So it might be JUMP in the line dance, JUMP

Have you ever seen a jump and a hop?

A hop leaves and lands the same leg.

So if I'm on my right I HOP. Thats up and down the same leg.

If I leave one and go to another, that's a jump. There's the difference, right?

Now, I could hop with both feet. Right, that's a hop. But if I'm changing weight from one foot to the other, then of course, it's a jump.

So you can have a hop, right? You can have a jump.

Just like in the triple-jump, you can have a hop, a skip and a jump.

So, you can skip as well, and a skip, as i go hop. Right. that's a hop.

I can skip, right? And I can jump. Right?

Those are all things we would use in line dance terms.

The other thing, of course, we talked about this before, if I lift my leg, and it creates kind of, a hopping action, but I keep my base foot on the ground a little bit more, and give it a drive down to give it a sound... that's called the chuck.

Which is like a hop, i come up, but I don't come all the way off the ground, generally travels a little bit, and there intent is to make that kind of stomping sound at the end of it.

So that's a Chuck, right?

So, better make sure we understand the JUMP... Hop... be it two legs or one leg. We can have a ... skip. Right?

Or we can have a ... Chuck.

All things you're gonna use throughout your line-dance career.

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