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How to Do Basic Line Dancing Heel Movements

Learn how to do basic line dancing heel movements in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Royston.


Hi. My name is Robert Royston. I'm a five-time world champion of country dance, working with artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley. I really hope that you'd learn how to line dance and experience what it's like to move to America's music, and that's country music.

So, some line dance moves and terminology you want to get used to are all of the heel movements, So, we're going to start off with heel splits. And, depending on the teacher you're talking to or what you see, heel splits can be one or two things. It can be that you actually take the toes of your feet apart and you're doing the split-type action on your heels. That can be, some teachers would call that a heel split. Or it can be like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, splitting your heels as you go. So you can do a heel split. So, heel split there. Or, you can be doing the split with the front of your feet, the toes, but on your heels. So it can be kind of dance-teacher-specific. Then we have heel swivels. Heel swivels are when we go swiveling starting with a movement of the heel. And then you probably go to the toe and then a movement from the heel. So, a lot of time you hear something like a toe, heel, and then a swivel. And you're swiveling, the back heel is swiveling as the other heel crosses. So you'll see toe, heel, swivel. And you see that the back heel is swiveling the whole time you're doing that toe-heel-swivel, toe-heel-swivel. So a heel swivel is anytime I'm swiveling my heels from one side to the next. So, switches—heel switches. A heel switch is just where you go from one heel to the next heel. Right? So, it's kind of just a touch-step. You're doing touch, step, touch, step. But, you're going heel, heel. So, you're switching from heel to heel. It's one of the accent movements for dancing country. Right? Country dancers use their heels a lot as opposed to, like, jazz, tap, ballet or some of the barn, whether they would want you to do a touch-step with the toe of your foot. So, you would do toe, toe. In country we would do heel, heel. Right? So it's a heel switch. And then the last thing, which is very very country of a line dance is heel-hooks. That goes heel, then you hook, then heel back down. Right? So you go heel, hook, heel, together. Heel, hook, heel, together. So, we'll also take the heels sometimes in cross and front. So, cross behind for heel hook, or we cross and front for heel hook. Right? So we have the heel-hook or we can go behind with the hook but it's lifting back heel. Heel-hooks. So, we have our heel splits, the splitting, weighting the heel or splitting the heels. We have heel swivels, swiveling from the heel. Right? We have heel switches. We're literally just switching from heel to heel. And we have heel-hooks. And heel-hooks. So that's some of the dance moves that have heel in them that are very country-oriented for your line dancing.

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