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How to Play a B Note on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a B note on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


The note B is gonna be a whole step above A. And when we say whole step we mean the we're skipping one whole fret. So if we know that our third string or the string that's second closest to you is an A when no fingers are on it. Then when we press down the second fret, cause we're skipping the first fret, we get the note beat. So B can also be found on the seventh fret of the lowest string B. So you can check by seeing that it's exactly the same note. We can also find B on the fourth fret of the G string. The highest string. And we can check that if we know that the open string is called G, and we skip a note to get to A, and we can skip another note and arrive at B. And we can also find that B at the ninth fret on the D string. And again finding it on the fourteenth fret of the A string. And that's how you play the note B on the bass guitar

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