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How to Play Mixolydian Mode / Dominant Scale on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play the mixolydian mode or dominant scale on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here's how to play The Mixolydian Mode or Dominant Scale. Mixolydian scale can be thought of as a major scale with a lowered seventh. But another way to think about it is also a major scale starting on the fifth degree. if you use the key of C as an example, we're going to play the G Mixolydian mode which is the C major scale starting at G. So we play G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. So you can see how you can think about it as a G major scale with a lowered chord seventh. But it's helpful to think about it as a C major starting on G because C is where it's eventually going to result. what i like to do is an exercise to play G major up from G to G and then back down to C so you can really hear the result...and now back down to C and C sounds like home. Another helpful thin to do when practicing the Mixolydian mode is to add the major seventh as a passing tone between your Dominant seventh and your route on the way up. That will make all the strong tones in the Mixolydian mode land on really strong beats. And you can still practice resolving it back down on to C. And that's how to play the Mixolydian mode or the Dominant scale.

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