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How to Play a D Note on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a D note on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


We can find the note D on the bass guitar by finding the second string and playing it open. You can also find it in a few different ways. We know that our open strings play the same note as the fifth fret of the string that's lowest next to it. So, we have this D will be the same as the fifth fret on the A string. We can also find D by going to our G string, our highest string, and counting up from G. We go G, we skip a note to get to A. Skip a note to get to B. We don't skip between B and C. We skip a note and we're back at D. So, D is the seventh fret on the G string. It's also the twelfth fret on the D string. So, we know that any open string will repeat the same note name at the twelfth, this double dot, on the same string. And that's how to play the note D on the bass guitar.

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