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How to Play a D Sharp / E Flat Note on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a D sharp / E flat on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here's how to play the note D Sharp on the bass guitar. In order to find any note that ends with sharp or flat we have to find the two notes that surround it which are regular letter names. So D sharp and E flat we can find by finding in the notes that's in between D and E. D is the name of our second string when we play it with no frets pressed down. The open string is just the note D. If we skip a note, we get to the note E, which is the second fret on the same string. So the note that we skipped, is E flat, or D sharp. We can find that in other ways because we know that D is also the name of the fifth fret on the A string. If we go from A we can count up A, skip one to get to B, we don't skip between B and C so C is third fret. We skip one to get to D, D is fifth fret, and now this note that's one above D, is going to be D sharp or E flat. We can also find it at the eleventh fret on the E string, which makes sense if we know that the note E or any string that it'll repeat itself to the twelfth fret. And then if we subtract one, or lower it or flatten it, we get E flat which is the same note as D sharp. It's also at the thirteenth fret, on the D string, and that's just like open string D, repeats itself to the twelfth fret, and then add one to get to D sharp. And then one more, is going to be at the eight fret on the G string. So we would have C, D on the seventh fret, and then E flat at the eighth fret or D sharp. And that's how you play D sharp pn the bass guitar.

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