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How to Play an F Note on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play an F note on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Now I wanna talk about how to play the note F on the bass guitar. So if we know that E is the name of our lowest string, when it's just completely open, then if we pressed on the first fret, we're gonna get F. The same is true for our D-string, which is the third string away from us, string number two, D skip a fret to get to E, so that's second fret, and then we don't skip again so third fret is gonna be F. There are no notes between E and F. We also find an F at the eighth fret on the A-string. And we can also find an F at the thirteenth fret on the E-string. So if we know that our open sting on the bottom is E, and the twelfth fret we're gonna get another E, then by going just one fret higher we're gonna get F, and we can check that with the first F we learned, the first fret on the E-string. And that's how to play F on the electric bass.

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