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How to Play a G Note on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a G note on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here’s how you play the note G on the bass guitar. G is the name of the open string that’s furthest from us which is the first string on the bass guitar. So that’s a G. But we can also find it by knowing that the open string is going to be the same as the fifth fret of the string next to it. In this case, it will be a G on the fifth fret of the D-string. We can also find the G by counting up from counting up from our E-string, the lowest string. Open E, we don’t skip a note to go to F, and then we’ll skip one to bring us to the third fret, G. We can check that with our open string G. We can also find it at the tenth fret on the A-string, which is one note skipped down from the A at 12th fret. So we know that A down one note down bring us back to G. G can also be found at the 15th fret on the E-string. And also the 17th fret on the D-string. Last we can find it at the 12th fret on the G-string, because the twelfth fret is always exactly one octave, and the same letter higher than the open string. So there’s our G and there’s our G at the 12th fret. So that’s how you play G on the bass guitar.

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