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How to Play Root Fifth Flat Seventh on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play root fifth flat seventh on bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Now I'm going to talk about the Root Fifth Flat Seventh. This relationship could be used a lot in Pop Music, Rock Music and especially in Blues. If we start with our note E, the seventh fret on A string, we know that the fifth is right below it on the E string. The Flat Seventh means you go a whole step down E and in this case, whole step down means you skip one note, which brings us to fifth fret which is D.So we have these three notes right here that act as a kind of a triangle and you can use those in a lot of different ways to get really bluesy sounds. You can also use it for more of a rock feel, you can also use the same three notes with a different shape, by playing E, now the B is going to be above it, on the ninth fret, that's our fifth, and then the seventh is going to be right back under your first finger. One string higher on the G string. That's our D so we get...and then you get to use in Blues lines a lot, or things like....and that's how you play the Root Fifth and Flat Seventh on the bass guitar.

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