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What Is the Fretboard aka Fingerboard on a Bass Guitar?

Learn about the fretboard, also called the fingerboard, from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


So this is understanding the fret part for the base guitar. The frets are the metal bars that run vertically along the neck of the base guitar and those change the notes we're playing. So as we move up a string for each fret you get a different note. The fifth fret, the second dot on most electric base guitars, is going to make the same note as the open string that is right next to it. So those are going to have the same pitch and that is true for all four strings. As we hit the fifth fret then the next open string is going to be the same note. And by the same logic, then the sixth fret on any string is going to be the as the first fret on the string that's higher. And for the seventh fret, which is the third dot, it will be the same as the second fret on this string that is a higher neighbor to the string that we just played. And the eighth is going to be the same as the third. And the ninth will be the same as the fourth and so on and so forth. And that is understanding the fret board of the base guitar.I had no problems with this HIT that I am aware of...I would be interested in doing more work of this sort. Thank you

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