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Basic Plucking Technique for the Bass Guitar

Learn basic bass plucking technique from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


For basis bass plucking technique, this is a technique we're gonna use our right hand, and we're just gonna rest our finger on the string and the most important thing for getting a full sound is just to let your finger drop into the string next to it or below it. We put pressure on the string and then just rake our finger across to get a full sound. So we want our fingers to drag across the pick-up, and this is going to get the most finger strength into the string. So if you pluck up, you're gonna get a thinner sound or you're gonna get more of a snap sound. What we want to focus on is dragging our finger across the string, and you just let it fall into the string below it, and this is true for the second string as well. And the third string, and it's also true for the fourth string,but we have to stop it ourselves cause there's no string there to stop the finger from going. So that takes a little bit of practice. And then you can just practice that by raking your fingers individually across the strings. First your index finger, and then your middle finger. You can also prick as alternating. And that's basic plucking technique for the bass guitar.

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