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How to Coordinate Your Right Hand with Your Left Hand

Learn how to coordinate your right hand with your left hand to play bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Coordinating your right hand with your left hand when playing is a matter of starting each note at the same time with both fingers. So we want to get our left hand in place over the note that we want to play, you can pick any note you want. You want to start the sound with the right hand at the same time that you're changing each note by pressing down a new note with your left hand. If you don't do it at the same time you often get flops like...or the other way. We just want to make sure that each note is moving at the same time with both hands so you can crisply play. In the moment that you're pressing down with your left hand you can be pressing down with your right. And that's how you coordinate your left and right hands.

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