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How to String a Bass Guitar & Stretch Bass Strings

Learn how to string a bass guitar and stretch bass strings from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


So when you have a new string you need to put arms, then you run it either through the body or through the bottom of the bridge each guitar built differently so depends what you are using is you run the string from the bridge across the finger board up to the head stack. In case of the G string , you run it all the way to the furthest head.the facts go in the same order as the string the furthest would be the G, next one is the D,then A,then last E. when you putting on a new string after you run it along the board ,you would stick to the end of string in the center of the fact and turn it around instead to curled it round the fact up.After you curled it tightly and hold it tightly and start to wind guitar stand up the way you would be tuning guitar.then often we a lot of turn on this so don't get in to it .once the guitar string is tight enough you can actually turn the pitch as possibly.and push the string from its open position like we had it so far underneath this guard ,you can feel for the too new guitar. It also can be helpful to pull any string a little ,tagging each one as is it is new just to get it started because each guitar string go out to tune very easily.That's basics part of tuning a guitar.

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