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How to Play a Chromatic Scale on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a chromatic scale on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here's how to play the chromatic scale on the electric bass guitar. The chromatic scale is just playing every note without skipping any of the notes. So there's gonna be twelve notes in the scale and it's just playing every single note one fret at a time all the way up. So if we start with the note A, the open string, we can go up A sharp, B, C, C sharp, open D, D, D sharp, E, F, F sharp, open G, G sharp and we get back to A. And you can do that for any other note. If we chose C, we can also play them going down. C, B, B flat, A, A flat, G, G flat, F, E, E flat, D, D flat, C. So again, a chromatic scale is playing every note that we have. Not skipping any of the notes so it's the same starting on any note you wanna start on.

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