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How to Play an F Minor Scale on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play an F minor scale on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here is how to play the F minor scale on the Bass Guitar. Instead of thinking about F minor as being F Major with the lowered third note, a lowered sixth note and a lowered seventh note. We can think about a little easier by just playing the notes of our A-Flat major scale, starting on the sixth note which is F. So, lets review our notes for A major. We will start with open A, B at the second Fret, C#, now open D, E on the second Fret, F# on fourth Fret, now G# on the first Fret of the G string and finally back to A. If we go back two notes to the sixth note of our scale, we get the F#. And now if we use the same notes from the A major scale, we can just play our F# minor scale much easier. F#, E, D, C#, B, A, G# and finally F#. Here is what the F minor scales sounds like in the Bass Guitar.F minor scale in Bass Guitar

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