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How to Play a C Minor Triad on Bass Guitar

Learn how to play a C minor triad on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Here is how to play the C minor triad on the electric bass. The C minor triad will be mad up of three notes that come from our C minor scale. The root, the third and the fifth. The root of our C minor scale, is "C". the third, is "E flat", and "G" is our fifth. If we want to play up two octaves, we will play "C"; third fret on the A string, "E flat"; first fret on the D string, and then open "G". Now we can play "C" at the tenth fret on the D string, "E flat" on the thirteenth fret of the D string, and "G" on the twelfth fret of the G string, and the "C" at the seventeenth fret of the G string. That is the C minor triad in two octaves.

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