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How Are Beats Divided on the Bass Guitar?

Learn how beats are divided on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


So beats basically can be divided into groups of two's or three's which means you can divide a beat either in two parts like one and two and three and four and.You can also divide it in groups of three.In the case of three's you might say triplet,triplet,triplet,triplet so for my extra beat I am going to be going back to the high note.So will play the same example of triplets.So now for each of those quarter notes we can basically divide the beats into groups of two's or groups of three's.If you wanted to divide it into groups of two's we just add eight note in between.We have one and two and three and four and.If you want to do the same thing dividing those quarter notes into three's we can just go back to the top note we are going to count it as triplet,triplet,triplet,triplet this is what it sounds like.So I am going to play the example one more time first just a quarter notes then as groups of two and then as groups of three.And that's understanding how beats are divided.

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