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String Crossing Technique

Learn how to do the string crossing technique on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


we use string crossing technique to talk about playing two notes are drectly next to each other when we have large leaps sometimes the strings in the middle over the string we just finished playing will start ringing and cause unnecessary sound we just want to be hearing the note that we were playing now so we can practice this by playing the strings that are next to each other we can play different and different combinations and practice stopping or the strings that are not playing we can do that by resting the fingers on the strings and with a right hand just pressing the fingers on themselves they start ringing or you can do with your left hand in this case i am using the index finger that i just used to play the first notes to stop the strings by just pressing lightly on the edge of the string and not pressing you can do that by practicing any exercise you want you can even practice the scale like the notes in the

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