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How to Write a Bass Line on Bass Guitar

Learn how to write a bass line on the bass guitar from musician John Sutton in this online guitar lesson from Howcast.


Writing a Bass line involves incorporating all the knowledge that we have talked about before. We want to use everything we have available to us, all the notes that we know, all the rhythms that we know, good time fill, everything that is just part of being a good musician. So, when you are in a situation, when you're gonna be playing music, whether it is with your friends, and professional situation or just making music on our own. You want to give yourself certain options that you can always depend on to be there for making Bass lines. If you're playing on a song that has two chords, may be the song alternates between D and G, you could start by just practicing playing the root notes of those two chords in time, may be we will start with quarter notes. You could play. And may be that is perfect for the situation. May be you can add a couple other notes as you hear that. Keep it simple. May be then, it might even be just appropriate to just play a rhythm, you can still play the root notes. Or may be you don't have to play all the beats. Or may be it is perfect to play something more like melodic longer tones. Or may be just something shorter. Sometimes less is more. So, basically you can provide a whole set of options for yourself, may be three or four things you really like to do, and if you have those in your back pocket you can try them and if none of them work may be one of them will lead you to hearing something brand new that you have never done before. May be that will become one of your basics. But the principle is get somethings under your belt that you really know how to do, so that, when you are in a situation where some one requires you to be a bass player, play a bass line, you wanna be supportive, you wanted be strong and you want to feel really secure with what you are doing.Bass guitar lesson

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