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How to Paint a Simple Background with Acrylic

Learn how to paint a simple background using acrylic paint from painter Linda Rhea in this Howcast video.


How to Paint with Acrylic Paint: Painting a Simple Background

Hi, I'm Linda. I created a company called Paint Along. Check us out at We have really fun painting workshops in Nashville and New York. I want to show you how to do a simple background. Now sometimes it's hard to get the background down just because the colors of the paint that we're using they will leave streaks and strokes where the brushes have gone. So I'm going to try to help explain a little bit about how to do that and get a nice solid background. Then we might take it a step further and do something fun with it. So I'm going to start off with this red paint. I'm using a very large brush and I'm just going to get the paint onto the canvas first. So the key to using the big brush is that you can get the paint down quickly without it drying and then we can work on the brush strokes with a different brush. I'm just going to take my brush and go across. I'm not pushing very hard. I'm just touching it very lightly with the ends of the brush so that the paint is smoothing out. So that's your simple background. If you want to take it another step further, you can add more color just to give it a little bit more interest. And I'm going to take some white paint and I'm going to blend it into this red that's wet and it's going to start turning a really nice pink color. I'm just going to work the paint back and forth to give it a modeled background. Going to make this really smooth and blended. I'm going to wipe the paint that's on my brush onto my paper towel here. And this is a little bit warmer. It's like an orange red. I'm going to add that into the canvas in this top corner. Once again if I want to lighten it I can add a little bit of white. And then that gives me another tone of red. I'm just going to continue to work myself my way around the canvas here blending these paints together and smoothing them out. And that's one way to spice up your solid background.

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