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How to Paint with Acrylic Paint without Using Brushes

Learn how to paint with acrylic paint without using brushes from painter Linda Rhea in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Linda. I created a company called Paint Along. Check us out at We have really fun painting workshops in Nashville and New York.

I want to show you some fun ways to paint with acrylic without using brushes. These tools can be so much fun. You just have to kinda know how to use them. So I'm going to use my palette knife. I'm going to use a sponge and I'm going to use one other tool, but I'll show you in a minute what we are gonna do there.

So the first thing I wanna do is take my palette knife and just scraping it through this green paint and I'm going to make the stem of the flower and may be a couple of leaves. So I'm just pressing it into the canvas and then I'm gonna come up and make a couple of leaves.

Next thing I wanna do is take my sponge, it's a little bit wet, so I'm gonna squeeze it out. I'm gonna use some of these orange paint and I'm gonna do the top of the flower. Let's put a little bit of yellow in the center here.
And the third object we use to paint with is the top of this paint. So I'm just gonna unscrew this top and I'm gonna dip it in my white paint, give it a little twirl and give my flower a center and that's how you paint without using brushes.

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