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How to Mix Acrylic Paint Colors

Learn how to mix acrylic paint colors from painter Linda Rhea in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Linda. I created a company called Paint Along. Check us out at We have really fun painting workshops in Nashville and New York.
When you buy your acrylic paints you may want initially to spend some time just getting to know how they work together, how they blend, and how much paint takes to make a secondary color.

The primary colors are Yellow, Red and Blue, and you cant mix anything together and you've got to start whit these.

So let's start whit the yellow, and what we gonna do is mix yellow and red together and that will give us some orange.

And I am just gona dip a little bit into the yellow, and bringing it to the other wells, and Im gona take a little bit of red, now the red is usually a lot stronger than the yellow, so I am just gona start whit a little bit of red to make the orange, and those to colors together make me an orange shade.

I'll go ahead and put it right here, and lets put a reference of red onto our canvas too.

So coming out around well take some of our red and will put int into another well and then i'm gona mix some blue into it, this will make purple.

When you're mixing you're colors whatever you're working on is far as your subject matter just make sure that you mix enough paint so that you can get trough your project without having to remix, because sometimes the colors come out differently when you start over again.

Here is my purple, and then we'll put a reference of blue on here as well.

So i'm gona take a little bit of yellow and put into the well here , and taking some of the blue and mixing it into the yellow, and that gives us green!

So now we have formed our Primary colors Yellow Red and Blue, and our secondary colors which are orange green and purple. And thats how you mix your paint!

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