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How to Do a Bulgarian Split Squat for Butt-Toning Workout

Learn how to do the Bulgarian split squat for a butt-toning workout from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video.


Hey, my name is Erin and I'm a former junior Olympics certified swim coach and personal trainer and fitness is my passion so I can not wait to share it with you guys.

Welcome to toning your butt. Now when it comes to toning the tush, the lunge is second to none. We're going to do a bunch of variations on the lunge. My favorite one for tightening and lifting is the Bulgarian Split Squat.

You're going to get a box or a step or chair about that high. Alright, getting into position can be a bit tricky but not impossible. You're going to put one of your legs up behind you, jump out, good. Now make sure that the body is nice and straight, you're not leaning forward. You never want that knee to come over that toe, so I'm going to hop out a little more.

OK, so coming down and up, like so. Make sure that you get a ninety degree angle and a ninety degree angle, more or less, depending on the height of your box, and it burns. And then you'll just switch sides.

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