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Best Exercise Equipment for Post-Baby Workout

Learn about the best piece of exercise equipment for post-baby workouts from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video.


Hey, my name is Erin, and I'm a former U.S. junior Olympics certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion, so I cannot wait to share it with you guys. All right, ladies, welcome to your post-baby workout. Most new moms are rightfully concerned about their figures after they give birth. Now, likely you've put on a minimum of thirty pounds, which is natural. Don't worry. It's going to come off. 80 percent of any sort of getting into shape route is your diet, not going to lie. Right? So, 20 percent is your workout. That said, your workout can help motivate you to eat a little bit cleaner, so they go hand in hand.

Now, for a woman who has just given birth, one of the things you're most concerned with is your core. Right? You've been carrying around all this weight in your midsection for a very long time. Some great moves that you can do to help begin to tighten that section up again and stabilize your core involve using the physioball. Which is why my recommendation for new moms, I think the best piece of equipment you can buy, most bang for your buck, is a physioball. Why? Because you can do the exercises that you need on it, it's portable, you can use it in your bedroom or in your living room with your baby right by your side which is nice, doesn't make a lot of noise so the baby could be sleeping. It also activates the core and it allows for modification. You can use the ball to modify a lot of different moves.

So, I'm going to show you guys a couple of different things that you can do, and there's various ways that you can modify to make it more or less intense. But I'm showing it to you guys here, because each person is a different height. I'm 5' 8'', so I need a physioball that's a different size than you at home might need. So, just make sure that, you know, proportionally it kind of looks like this, and it's going to be a good size for you to use. Next thing you want to do is make sure that you have your yoga mat. So if you don't have a yoga mat, you can use a towel at home. Just, something to protect yourself from the floor. The best thing about these workouts is that you can do them at home, with your baby by your side, which is a nice way for a new mom to bond with your little one. Hope you enjoyed, good luck!

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