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How to Play "Joy to the World" on Piano

Learn how to play "Joy to the World" on piano from musician Paul Sandberg in this Howcast video.


My name is Paul Sandberg. I'm an actor, singer, and teacher in the New York City area. For more information, please visit my website at That triumphant tune is Joy to The World. Traditionally done in four parts, it can also be done quite beautifully with solo piano, solo voice. Broken down it consists of just really four man chords- we have D, E minor, G and A. If you wanna make it even easier on yourself so you can drop it down so it's just single finger on each of the root of those chords. So, 5 finger also known as pinky, place that on the D. Your ring finger, also known as 4 on the E. Your index, or 2 finger on the G, and lastly your thumb or 1 finger on the A. And then, as the chords progress throughout the song, just press on finger down. Adding in the melody on your right hand, to the E, D A. Mostly step down in the right hand, just make sure you start with your 5 finger on the D, that way you have enough fingers to finish. Also, you can look at this turn right here..1 finger on the G, turning down with your 3 finger onto the F# so that we don't get to "Lord is come" and completely run out of fingers. Keep this tune lively with lots of staccato, also known as detached and keep a lookout for the sustaining pedal- you don't want a whole lot of just droning, go ahead an pick it up every so often. And that's how easy you can play Joy to the World on a piano.

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