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How to Do Tricep Moves for a Post-Baby Workout

Learn how to do tricep moves for a post-baby workout from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video.


Hey, my name is Erin. And I am a former US Junior Olympics certified swim coach and personal trainer. And fitness is my passion. So I cannot wait to share it with you guys.

The next thing we can do with the stability ball that also works your core is a tricep roll out. It's what I call it. I don't have a real name for it. But it's one of my favorite moves for the triceps. Anyone can do it. But post baby it's great, because it also really works your core, and everybody wants to get rid of that flab, right? So you don't want to wave and have your stuff jiggling.

Okay, so, coming up onto your knees. Make sure that you're nice and straight. Core is nice and tight. The heels of your hands should be pressing into the ball. Okay? Not the whole hand. The heel of the hand. It's going to activate your tricep muscles. I'm going to roll out, and back up. Roll out, and back up. Now, that's hard for me, and I haven't just had a baby. So you know you don't have to roll all the way out. It can be six to eight inches. Making sure that from your knees to your head you stay as straight as possible. That's going to cause you to contract the abs. And you can see my triceps working as I go out and come back in.

So sort of like you're on a hinge from your knees. Okay? You don't want this. Because that's not doing anything. You don't want this. Because that's dangerous for your back. So nice and straight. A couple of inches out. And roll back in. Alright? That's a nice burn.

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