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How to Do a Squat for a Post-Baby Workout

Learn how to do squats for a post-baby workout from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video.


Hey, my name is Erin. And I am a former US Junior Olympics certified swim coach and personal trainer. And fitness is my passion. So I cannot wait to share it with you guys.

Okay, so, another nice thing you can do with the ball in your house, find a wall that obviously doesn't have anything on it. You don't want to knock your shelves down. Something that's nice and stable. Place your ball against the wall. Put the ball up at your middle back. Lean back against the ball. Walk your feet out a little bit. Okay? So you're on a nice angle there. And you're going to adjust it to your comfort level, and to make sure that when you bend down, your knees are at ninety degree angle to the floor.

Okay? So you never want your knees over your toes. Which would look something like that. Right? That's awkward. So it should feel right. And you don't want to be too far out. Because then you're not really doing anything. Okay? So feet are hip width apart. Shoulders rolled back. Core contracted. And you're going to squat down, and come up. So squatting down. Feel the quads contract. Squatting up. Tuck the glutes under.

Okay? So this is a really nice way to do a modified squat. Obviously, carrying around a lot of weight for nine months compromises your core. And this is a nice way to help build it back up, while protecting your lower back. Protecting your legs a little bit. But nice and easy. Just like that. Piece of cake. Do twenty of these. Your quads should be burning. You can add some weights too.

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