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Do All Xbox 360 Games Work with Kinect?

Learn if all Xbox 360 games work with Kinect in this Kinect for Xbox video from Howcast.


So there is a difference between games that are Kinect enabled and Kinect optional. What you're going to look for first off the bat is any game that requires a Kinect sensor is going to be purple, you can see it around here, on all the sides and it will also have that big, big kind of sticker, right there. These games you cannot play at all without Kinect. Now, the second group of games are the basic ones that we all know and love in the green casing. Now this, they'll have a sticker here that will say better with Kinect Sensor. Now that means you have the option to play controller or Kinect, which is really cool. So it's just something to kind of look for when you're you know trying to find games. And also you want to check out how many players and if it's co-op too. Because if you do have a big family game, having a one person game, you know, it depends. It depends how your family is. But look for the stickers and look for the colors and that's how you tell the difference.

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