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How to Tone Your Calves with Female Leg Workout

Learn how to tone your calves from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video.


Hey, my name is Erin, and I'm a former US Junior Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer, and fitness is my passion so I cannot wait to share it with you guys.

Alright next up, calves. Come step up to your box or your stair whatever you're using. You want just the balls of your feet on the front edge of whatever platform you're standing on, okay? Have your shoulders rolled back, core nice and tight, feet together to start for the first set. You're going to come up to your toes and lower down. Now when you come down, you'll notice my heels are coming down lower than they could on the floor. So you're stretching out the calf muscle and then contracting it. And actually I'm going to show it with this, because most people won't be able to do that.

Okay. Alright, on to calves. Grab your body bar or your chair, something to support you. Step up onto your platform, make sure just the balls of your feet are on that platform so that your heels hang off. And using your body bar for support and a weight in one hand, up, and lower down. Come up onto your toes, and lower down letting the heels go down below the bench slightly so that you got a stretch in the calves. Come up and lower down.

Now for the second variation, you're going to step up with your feet a little bit wider. So you're hitting a different part of the calf muscle this way. You're going to come up and lower down, up and lower down. Same thing, heels kind of hanging off the back a little bit, so you get a little bit of a stretch, the range of motion is greater. So ten of those, and ten together.

So that's the calf combo.

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