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How to Do Triple Steps in Line Dancing

Learn how to do line dancing triple steps in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Royston.


"Hi, my name is Robert Royston, I am a five time world champion of country dance, working with artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley. I really hope that you learn how to line dance and experience what it's like to move to America's music and that's country music.

So, moving into the variations of triple steps for line dancing. What is a triple step? A triple step is three steps to two beats of music. I'll say that again; a triple step is three steps to two beats of music so if I have one, two, a triple step will go one, two so I took three steps but within the two beats, I went one and two; three steps, two beats of music.

Now there's a lot of different types of triple steps that we use in line dancing but the main three, we have a swing triple or an east coast swing triple you'll hear it called sometimes which is step together step other side step together step so that would be one and two, three and four, yeah and there's usually a little bounce to that, one and two, three and four, that's a swing triple.

We then have what's called a sailors step and a sailor's step hooks behind, you hook and side, hook and side. And the idea there is that you kinda look like a drunken sailor, right on a boat that's weaving back and forth, right that's why it's called the sailor's shuffle, cause it's a sailor who tries to walk down a deck cause it's moving like this, with a little bit of alcohol in him them it becomes the sailors shuffle, yes, so what you're doing there is taking a foot behind, doing behind, replacing it and then going back to the side side so it's going behind and side, behind and side, you'd be going right then right again, left and left again so we create that little hook thing and we wanta kinda feel like our bodies almost figurating,so we go one and two, three and four, five and six, seven and eight; that's a sailors shuffle. So our final triple step that we use is called a coaster step, and the coaster implies: back together forward so if I take my right foot and go back, back then I go together with my left and back forward again with my right and that's called the coaster step so we go back together forward, that's a coaster triple rhythm the timing would be one and two, again that's three steps to two beats of music, so that would be one and two, yeah? I can do the same thing with the other foot one and two, so anytime I do any sort of coaster forward action, I can even hook the coaster a little bit and go one and two, as long as I'm coming forward at the end of the triple step its a coaster action.

So our three main types of triple steps that we use is a swing triple; step together step, step together step, sailor's shuffles; hook behind, hook behind. And a coaster step; back together forward or back together forward.

And those are our triple rhythms."

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