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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 3 - A Sort of Homecoming

Beat "A Sort of Homecoming" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Man 1: Be merciful! Please! I am a working man with a family.

Man 2: Doing what kind of work?

Man 1: Digging mostly. It took me a year to find this chamber. And for the past three months I have been trying to break through this door.

Man 2: You have not made much progress.

Man 1: I have not made a dent. This stone is harder than steel.

Man 2: I doubt you will. This door is guarding objects more valuable than all the gold in the world.

Man 1: Do you mean gemstones?

Man 2: There are keyholes here. Where are the keys?

Man 1: These Templars found one beneath the Ottoman Sultan's palace. As for the others, I suppose their little book will tell them.

Man 2: What book?

Man 1: A journal of some kind. That ugly captain, he carries it with him wherever he goes.

Man 2: Go home. Find work with honest men.

Man 1: Oh, I would love to leave this place, but these men, they will murder me if I try.

Man 2: Pack your tools.

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