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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 9 - A Warm Welcome

Beat "A Warm Welcome" and "Upgrade and Explore" from Assassin's Creed Revelations.


Yusuf: Welcome to Galata district. For centuries it has been a home to orphans from Europa and Asiala. You won't find more diversity anywhere else in the city, and for that reason, Assassins make it their home.

Ezio: I would like to see where.

Yusuf: Kesinlikle (Absolutely). The Brotherhood is always eager to meet the man who put the Borgias out to pasture.

Ezio: Oh, does everyone is this city know I am here already?

Yusuf: Well, your holy land tussle with the Templar did not go unnoticed.

Ezio: When I first set out, violence was so far from my mind. I sought wisdom, the contents of Altair's library.

Yusuf: Not realizing it has been sealed for three centuries?

Ezio: No, I assumed as much, but I never expected to find Templars guarding it.

Yusuf: Very troubling, no? Five years ago, Templar influence here was minimal, a small faction with dreams of restoring the Byzantine throne, but they're growing in number, day by day, and with Sultan Bayezid on his way out, they may try something dramatic.

Ezio: Is there no heir to the Ottoman throne?

Yusuf: Not just one, two angry sons. It's a familiar patter with these royals. When the sultan coughs, the princes draw their swords.

Ezio: Between the Templars and the Ottomans, you must stay busy.

Yusuf: Ezio, I barely have time to polish my blade.

Man 1: Stop him.

Yusuf: Leave some for me, eh? Leave some for me, eh? Ezio, there, another wave! No, no, watch. Byzantium is dead, as are you! The whole city wakens to welcome you, Eziol. First the regents, now the rats. Ottoman soldiers have a special loathing for these Byzantine thugs. That gives us some breathing room.

Ezio: How much?

Yusuf: Eh, just a little. They'll still kill you if you look at them wrong, but they will feel bad about it later.

Ezio: Touching.

Yusuf: It's not so bad really. For the first time in many decades, the Assassins have a strong presence here. It wasn't always that way. Under the Byzantine Emperor, the Assassins were hunted down and killed on the spot.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:17]

Yusuf: We're almost there.

[Foreign Dialogue 00:03:27]

Yusuf: This way. Mentor, say hello to your extended family!

Ezio: Salute a voi, Assassini (Greetings Assassins). It is an honor to find such fast friends so far from home.

Yusuf: You see brothers? Our mentor is not afraid to weep openly in front of pupils.

Ezio: Do not worry. I will not make a habit out of it.

Yusuf: Ezio and I were ambushed on the way here. I would like some of you to do a sweep of the area. Hemen (Immediately)! And you, Ezio, your weapons and armor are in a pitiful state. Maybe find some money, and repair what you can. There is a blacksmith nearby. He is a friend.

Ezio: Buena idea (Good idea).

Man 3: I've only the highest quality . . . Coin. The most distinguished clients grace this shop.

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