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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 10 - The Hookblade

Beat "The Hookblade" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo of the fourth installment of the series from Ubisoft.


Yusuf: Praise the heavens! We feared we had lost our Mentor to the vices of the big city!

Ezio: I am content with my own vices, grazie.

Yusuf: So, what's on your mind, Ezio?

Ezio: Tell me more about the Templars. You can them Byzantines, yet the Byzantine Empire was overthrown 60 years ago.

Yusuf: These men are remnants of a line loyal to the cause of the last Emperor, Constantine XI. Who leads them now, however, I cannot say.

Ezio: Capisco. I suppose it is up to me to find out.

Yusuf: Ezio, where is your hookblade?

Ezio: My hookblade?

Yusuf: You've never seen one? I grew up using these.

Ezio: Show me how it works.

Yusuf: Think of the hookblade as an extension of yourself, Ezio. This way. You think I cannot make this one? Didn't break a sweat! Come on.

Ezio: I cannot do that. Not so well, anyway.

Yusuf: Watch and learn, Ezio. We call this a hook-and-run. Sprint at your opponent, and just as you reach him, use the hookblade to slip by. Shahane! Harika! Shahane!

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