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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 18 - The Yerebatan Cistern

Check out Part 19 and beat "The Yerebatan Cistern" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Sofia: Buon giorno! (Good day!) Merhaba! (Hello!) Please come in. Ah! Excuse the clutter. I have not had time to tidy up since my trip.

Ezio: You sailed from Rhodes, no?

Sofia: Si. (Yes) How did you know?

Ezio: We were on the same ship. I am Ezio Auditore.

Sofia: Sofia Sartor. Have we met?

Ezio: We have now. May I have a look around?

Sofia: Prego. (Please.) Most of my best tomes are in the back. It is nice to meet another Italian in this district. Most keep to the Venetian quarter and Galata

Ezio: Altrettanto. (Likewise.) I assumed the Ottoman war with Venezia would have driven most of you away.

Sofia: I lived here with my parents when I was a girl. The war pushed us out, but I always knew I would return. Have you found anything interesting? Mio Dio! (My God!) Who put that there? Incredibile. (This is incredible.) Where does it lead?

Ezio: Why don't we find out?

Sofia: Who are you, messere (sir)?

Ezio: only the most interesting man in your life.

Sofia: Ah, che presuntuoso! (Ah, go bury your head!)

Ezio: A presto (Goodbye), Sofia. I will return in a moment.

Templar 1: Ti distihia! (What misery!) Do you know how long we've been searching this filthy Cistern?

Templar 2: I've been here a few weeks.

Templar 1: Thirteen months! Ever since the Grand Master found that damned key. But he hasn't got a clue what he's doing. All he knows is they're somewhere in the city.

Templar 2: This is a big city . . .

Templar 1: To xero! (I know!) That's what I said.

Templar 3: Back to your posts, agiries (bums)!

Templar 1: It stinks down here.

Templar 2: We'll find the keys soon.

Templar 3: Look alive, eh? We pay you to watch the doors, not your feet.

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